Hello! We are the Phelan's and we are so happy you're here! We created Homegrain Creations as a small, family-run woodworking business. We specialize in crafting wooden products ranging in size from small toys to large furniture and beyond. We also love taking custom orders and urge you to check out our "Custom Orders" page on this site to see some of the work we've done.


Now, for a little more about ourselves...


The inspiration. Although she may be tiny, Maya plays a mighty role in our business. When we saw how much she loved the wooden toys Matt made for her, we knew we had to share them with the world. Even though we have grown from only offering small wooden children's toys, they are the heart of our business. Maya is a happy and willing product tester for all things kid! If she doesn't place her stamp of approval on it, you won't see it on our site. 


The one behind the screen (and occasionally in the wood shop too!). Anna received her Masters degree in Elementary Education from the University of New Hampshire and then proceeded to teach Kindergarten and First Grade for a few years before taking some time off to be home with Maya. With her background in Elementary Education and her knowledge of childhood development, she began creating the designs for the toys and other products you see on our site. Every product is created with love and the desire to bring one of the most natural resources, wood, into the many areas of your life. 


The master craftsman. Matt has worked in the trades his whole life and loved every minute of it. He is a combat veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. Since then he has held a variety of jobs. However, no matter what position he held, he always preferred to be in his wood shop. With no shortage of requests from Anna and Maya, he stays busy handcrafting beautiful products that we hope will bring you some joy as well.