Never have to answer the question of if the dishes are dirty or clean again! These charming dishwasher magnets clearly display if the dishes are clean or dirty. Choose from three different styles and two different colors! Made from birch wood with a strong magnet on the back. Simply spin the magnet to change from clean to dirty. 


Classic Clean: Going for a farmhouse rustic vibe? This one is for you!


Michael Scott/Prison Mike: Office fans rejoice! Who wouldn't want to have prison mike featured in their kitchen?


Dog Licked Them Clean: Have some four legged kitchen helpers? Distinguising between licked clean and dishwasher clean is important!





*Disclaimer; Homegrain Creations LLC is not liable for any accidents or injuries incurred with use of the Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnets.

Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet