Grab this beautiful limited edition ring holder while they last! 


Made from an apple tree ring and copper plated nail, these ring holders are the perfect way to hold and display your rings when they aren't on your hand. Set it on your bedside table, bathroom vanity, kitchen sink, or other space - this lovely ring holder is sure to complement your jewels! 


Sealed with polyurethane to protect the wood from any accidental splatters or splashes. If it gets dirty, simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean. 


*These ring holders are all made from the same piece of apple wood, but naturally they all look slightly different. Each ring holder has it's own unique look and shape. Ring holder measures approximately 5.5"L x 2.5"H x 0.75"D. 


(rings not included)



*Disclaimer; Homegrain Creations LLC is not liable for any accidents or injuries incurred with use of the ring holder.


    Ring Holder