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Hello There!


Let us introduce you to the new face of Homegrain Creations!

We have BIG news…we moved to NH! This has been a whirlwind of an adventure but we are here for it!

We will be renovating this barn into our new woodshop. But this isn’t any old barn - this barn has a very special place in our hearts. My father built it when I was an infant, I grew up playing in it, and we’ve celebrated numerous occasions in it - including our wedding! 

That’s right - we are buying my childhood home! While this is such a dream, it also means we have A LOT of work cut out for us. We hope you stick around and watch us bring some new life into our barn. There’s so much to do, and we are looking forward to sharing our process with you!

As always, be sure to check out our Custom Orders page to see some of the projects we've been working on! We are here for all of your woodworking needs, so reach out to us if you have your own project in mind!

& don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for shop updates!

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