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Bring STEM to your home with this awesome build your own catapult kit! Choose a blank style or personalize it with a name! 


You will receive wooden pieces to build your catapult & wooden balls, rubber bands, and an instruction sheet. 


You can also find a video tutorial for how to build your catapult here


Fun Ways to Play

  1. Decorate your catapult using markers, paints, & stickers!
  2. Experiment with launching different sized/weighted objects!
  3. Test out the different arm angles to see which one launches your ball the longest distance! 
  4. Create a target using items from around your home and try to launch your ball into it! 






*Disclaimer; Homegrain Creations LLC is not liable for any accidents or injuries incurred with use of the Build Your Own Catapult Kit.

Build Your Own Catapult Kit


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