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Our food safe vegan wood polish is the perfect alternative for anyone who practices a vegan lifestyle or simply prefers not to use beeswax. Made from pure candelilla wax and organic jojoba oil, our vegan wood polish is all-natural, nontoxic, and food safe. It can be used to rehydrate wooden toys, toddler safe knives, wooden balancing stones, wooden knives, cutting boards, and more! 


If using on a product that hasn't previously been finished with vegan wood polish, please test in an inconspicuous area first. If you are unsure if this wood finish will work for your wooden item, reach out to us and we can advise you!


To use, simply warm in hands and apply to wooden product. Let sit for 20 minutes (or longer) and then wipe away with a soft cloth. Additional product use and care information can be found here


Ingredients: 100% pure candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil


About Candelilla Wax: Candelilla wax is a wax derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub which is native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. 


FUN FACT: jojoba oil is actually considered a wax! Because of this, jojoba oil has a much longer shelf life than other oils. Some beeswax wood polishes on the market are made with olive oil, coconut oil, or other household cooking oils instead of jojoba. These types of oils have the potential to go rancid. We choose to use jojoba oil because it has the longest shelf life (5 years) as opposed to olive oil (2 years) or coconut oil (2 years). 


Vegan Wood Polish


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