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This cherry board makes for a gorgeous gift! We like to cut on the plain side and serve on the engraved side!


Board measures approximately 18x12". 


Handwash only. Pat dry after washing. When board starts to feel dry or lighten in color apply a food safe wood polish like our beeswax wood polish or our vegan wood polish


To have this board engraved with "home sweet home" and your custom coordinates, please type the full street address in the custom text box. 


If you would like something else engraved on this board please send an email to and we would be happy to provide you with a quote!


*Please note that colors and grain patterns may change slightly due to the natural qualities of wood.




*Disclaimer; Homegrain Creations LLC is not liable for any accidents or injuries incurred with use of the Home Sweet Home Charcuterie Board.

Home Sweet Home Charcuterie Board


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